Sunday, June 24

A Plug for Hybrids

Forging a sustainable future has become a popular topic, but some think new energy sources promoted in the media are a way of maintaining the status quo:
"E85 fuel is a distraction, a diversion, a red herring. Just as the switch to "hydrogen economy" (remember that?) was before it. Both require huge investment, new infrastructure and will not lead to a post-oil economy. The hydrogen economy was promoted principally by both automakers and oil companies as a stalling strategy to avoid having to change the way they currently do business."

Alternative Energy Blog

It may be possible to have clean energy without waiting for further technological breakthroughs. One example is the combination of solar power and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

The Google crowd have jumped on the electric bandwagon

Wednesday, June 6

iphone - One to Rule Them

My Response to New Zealand Herald article 5 June 2007

Like it or not, the iphone is the most anticipated product in the history of consumerism. Steve Jobs describes it as "magical" and existing competitors as "just garbage". Have a look at the videos of the device in operation and you may see what he means.

If you think its all about a list of features, then yes, the iphone seems nothing special. If it is about advancing the human computer interface then this thing is as important as the mouse.

There are many writers who snipe at the iphone. Personally I can't get where they are coming from, other than from a certainly that they will generate hits, as did unfavourable reviews of the Lord Of The Rings movies.

But come June 29 you will see that there is indeed, ONE TO RULE THEM. . .