Friday, October 28

Lots of nanotubes

Scientists discover new method for creating carbon nanotubes

To my mind
having a method for easily producing nanotubes in bulk
is one of the best ways to advance nanotech in general

Saturday, October 15

Prof develops cancer nanobomb

nanobomb @ nanotsunami

this looks very positive to me
if nanotechnology defeats cancer
it will be the greatest victory for
medical science since immunisation

Saturday, October 8

cycling robot

BBC News | In pictures | Japan's Ceatec tech fest

Murata Manufacturing leaves delegates wanting more with its cycling robot.

Murataseisaku-kun, or Murata Boy, can also run at any speed up to about 60cm/sec without falling over.
It can stand still without falling and can also run backwards.

coconut oil revs diesel engines

Story - New Zealand Herald

Saturday, October 1

One Laptop per Child

MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop
This will be a boon to the world's children
Advance Humanity

top ten xbox games

1) Halo / Halo2
2) Jade Empire
3) SSX3
4) Fable
5) Oddworld Strangers Wrath
6) Half Life 2
7) Farcry Instincts
8) Doom 3
9) Rallysport Challenge 2
10) Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Saturday, September 10

Monday, August 15

Listening to Children

Children should be seen and not heard! – Traditional Kiwi folk saying
Will someone think of the children?
– Mrs. Rev. Lovejoy, The Simpsons

In this essay, I will argue for the need for teachers to listen to children. Authentic skilful, two-way communication is an act of power sharing, which serves learners, teachers and society.
To make my case I will use three compelling arguments: The Argument from Rights, The Argument from Education Theory and The Argument from Ability. While I think any of these arguments is persuasive in itself, the three together comprise a solid foundation for a shift to a teaching paradigm with communication as its foundation.

Saturday, June 25

Hopes for home power generation

BBC NEWS | UK | Hopes for home power generation:
"Many homes could generate all their own power by wind or solar energy and sell the surplus, the government has said."

here is an area
advances in nanotechnology
could move things foward rapidly
the advent new generation solar panels
a house supplying its own power needs and selling off excess
outfitted for only some thousands of dollars

Thursday, June 2

May Report

BBC NEWS | Business | The free phone call revolution
how phone calls are looking
to get a whole lot cheaper

my favourite techsite
at the moment:

BBC Technology

iM7 for iPod


Globetechnology: Scientists use molecule as computer switch
big breakthrough - or not? =years away from manufacture

nanotubes going cheap

Monday, January 17

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

ive been ranting on about
spray on solar power for a while now
good to see advances in this area

Wednesday, January 12

mac mini review

US$500 (NZ$949) mac?
im really impressed
its macs for the masses
for the first time apple covers all budgets

i grok the ishuffle random music thing
"like a radio station that always plays your favorite music"
plus no additional pocket bulge

iwant - but i also want Tiger - so iwait

Monday, January 10

Nanokiwi Best of the Web


My favourite extensions for Firefox:

Adblock: the Firefox essential - only see the ads you want.
Greatly increases the speed of browsing over dial-up

Clusty Toolbar: Very handy addition to searching that hides away neatly in the corner of the Navigation Toolbar. Instant encylopaedia and dictionary clips. Try it to see how well it works.

Forecastfox: Weather for anywhere snuggled into your statusbar.

Gmail notifier: Lets you know when you have new mail in your Gmail account - I love Gmail

Magpie: Tool for gathering images. A must for anyone who collects images from the web. So handy you have to install it to believe it!

Quicknote: Notes, quick.

And its all free!