Tuesday, July 27

Humans, Technology Mesh in Fascinating Ways

Mac News: Commentary: Humans, Technology Mesh in Fascinating Ways

When microchips give way to nanobots which are replaced by organic arrays nearly indistinguishable from our own cells -- passed from one generation to the next, evolving by design -- then our own connected future may lie not in the light of fiber optics, but in the spectrum of a new kind of ESP (what I will call "Engineered Sensory Perception"), a means of interpersonal communication that makes a gigabyte per second look like two children with a garden hose, funnels held to mouth and ear.


naked buttresses
 ............of gallantry
dressed for her...
   in fine bearing
- aromatic

Wednesday, July 21

short film

man captured by hoods
gag him, dressed in black
taken to darkened room
lit by large fishtank

gag removed the man splutters
but he's not gonna squeal

then goggleyed stares at the tank
something had been dropped in
(a finger?) cas it turns out the fish are piranas
the other figure in the room casually
continues his questioning
the feeding frenzy continues

cut to the men dressed in black
who are dropping in fish fingers
"yeah uncle tony's got good interview skills"

or something. . .