Friday, October 28

Lots of nanotubes

Scientists discover new method for creating carbon nanotubes

To my mind
having a method for easily producing nanotubes in bulk
is one of the best ways to advance nanotech in general

Saturday, October 15

Prof develops cancer nanobomb

nanobomb @ nanotsunami

this looks very positive to me
if nanotechnology defeats cancer
it will be the greatest victory for
medical science since immunisation

Saturday, October 8

cycling robot

BBC News | In pictures | Japan's Ceatec tech fest

Murata Manufacturing leaves delegates wanting more with its cycling robot.

Murataseisaku-kun, or Murata Boy, can also run at any speed up to about 60cm/sec without falling over.
It can stand still without falling and can also run backwards.

coconut oil revs diesel engines

Story - New Zealand Herald

Saturday, October 1

One Laptop per Child

MIT Media Lab: $100 Laptop
This will be a boon to the world's children
Advance Humanity

top ten xbox games

1) Halo / Halo2
2) Jade Empire
3) SSX3
4) Fable
5) Oddworld Strangers Wrath
6) Half Life 2
7) Farcry Instincts
8) Doom 3
9) Rallysport Challenge 2
10) Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30