Friday, September 3

riddle me terror

riddle me this
how many western non
peeps have been
killed by terrorist acts
in the last decade?

6000? or
one in a million
about that i'd say

if you were worried about terrorism
based on previous levels of activity
youd be plain crazy to be concerned for
more than a moment

terrorists just arent that busy

but if you want to worry
think dirty bomb or some other techy thing
since if a crazed ex priest can catch marathon man
its shows its pretty easy to sneek through security

the media feeds us a diet of fear
terrorism is the most distilled form of this
because what can you do about it?

i for one would give palestine and chechnya back
i mean if someone wants something so much you
should probably just give it to them, no?

not likely!

those fighting for a piece of nationhood
used to be called "freedom fighters"
but to merit that name they must stop targeting civilians
otherwise the public will naturally sympathise with the victims